BelindaMcGuire                                      732-752-1957
Piscataway,  NJ

Education:    Graduate of Seton Hall University’s Bachelor of Arts Program for Elementary Education, 1977
Graduate of the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts for Creative Dressmaking, 1981
Continuing Education Program at Fashion Institute of Technology, 1977-Pres.
Graduate of the Professional School of Business becoming a Licensed Real Estate Agent, 1989
Graduate of Prime America Financials becoming a Licensed Insurance Agent, 1994
Graduate of the Economic Training Institute of NJ, 2001
 Grand Canyon University Master’s Degree: Educational Administration & Organizational                             Leadership,  2009

Organization Affiliations:
Proprietor of LenGuire Fashions, Co., 1977
National Association of Fashion and Accessory Designers, Inc.
1987-1992,     Secretary, North Jersey Chapter
1989-1993,     National and Eastern Region Reporter
1992-1994,     President, North Jersey Chapter
1993-1995,     Junior Advisor, Eastern Region 
1995-1999,     National Junior Director
1996- Present, Founder/ Chapter President, Central Jersey Chapter
2000-Present, Appointed Executive Secretary
2004-Present   National Association of Negro Business & Professional Women’s
Union County Club
                   2006- Present,   NAFAD Eastern Region Vice President
                                   2009-  Inducted into the Internation Honor Societ in Education, Kappa Delta Pi
Business Interest
                                               Founder/CEO The LenGuire Institute of Fashions, Inc., 1994 (501c3 1997)
           Founder/CEO National Fashion Network, Inc. 1995
           Founder/CEO L I Fashion Tours International, LLC 2009
Founder/ of Proposed “New Jersey Institute of Fashion & Technology (Charter)                    High School”  Inc. 2010
*1985              “Model of the Year”Miss 500 Pageant
*1987               Secretary, National Political Congress of Black Women, Inc.

*1988              Delegate to National Democratic Convention, Atlanta, GA

*1989, 1992, 1994, featured in Newark Teacher’s Union Newspaper for introducing fashion careers
 to Newark’s youth
* 1989-1998    Annually, featured in Gala Salute to Black Designers at Columbia University, NY
* 1989-1998    Annually featured in Harlem Week Celebrations from the NY State Office Building to City Hall
*1990             NAFAD Evening Wear Designer Competition Double Place Awards Winner
*1992-2001      Established the first Fashion Club at Vailsburg Middle School
* 1993            NAFAD Evening Wear Designer Competition Award Winner
*1993-Pres.       Bible Institute Student and Member of First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens
*1993              Feature in Newark Star Ledger as National Convention Host for NAFAD
*1994             “One of America’s Top Designers” by the National Black Fashion Museum
*1994             Featured in Home News under caption “Bridal Fashions Look Smart” at the Black Bridal Fair
*1994             Featured in the Atlanta Journal under caption “… bolero jacket a top silk blouse and chiffon   harem pants…”
*1995             Participated in the Bethune-Cookman College and Howard University Scholarship Funds
*1995             WRKS-FM Charity Fund Raiser Expo, Fashion Show at the Meadowlands Convention Center,  NJ
* 1996            Member Bethune-Cookman College and Howard University Scholarship Fund Committee
*1994-1997      Senior Class Advisor, Vailsburg Middle School
*1996             Fashion Career Education Presenter, at the National Council of Negro Women’s “Black     Family Reunion” in Washington, DC
*1996            NAFAD’s Eastern Region “Member of the Year”
*1996            First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens Community Concerns Mentoring Program Member
*1996            Present, FBC of LG Project Noah Investment Group Member
*1997            Led Central Jersey Chapter of NAFAD to “Chapter of the Year” Award at the   48th Convention in Denver, Colorado
*1997            Featured in Beauty Magazine‘s June, July and August issues
*1997            Guest Speaker on WCTC Radio, topic “African Americans in Fashions”
*1998            Led Central Jersey to Senior and Junior “Chapter of the Year” Award from NAF AD at the July 7-12   Chicago Convention
*1998            Featured on Beauty Mag. com July Web page * 1998, Featured in June issue of Beauty Magazine
Featured in May issue of Franklin Voice
*1998           Featured in Fashion Show fundraiser at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum
*1998           Final Four Contender, Vailsburg  Middle School, NPS Basketball Tournament
*1998           Presented “Outstanding Community Service” by NCNW’s Bethune Recognition Committee
*1998           Selected by “Who’s Who Among American Teachers”
*2001           NAFAD Bridal Wear Designer Competition Award Winner
*2003           Presented Seton Hall University’s Alumni Recognition Award for
“Outstanding Contributions to Business and Industry”
          *2003           Featured in Stuff Magazine November Issue
          *2003           Featured in Newark Teacher’s Union Bulletin December Issue
          *2004           Featured Newark Star Ledger Newark Section March 4 & April 1st
          *2005           Featured Newark Teacher’s Union Bulletin January Issue
*2005           Feature story in “Defying the Odds: Triumphant Black Women of Newark” by Barbara   Kukala
*2009           Inducted into the Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society for Education
            *2009            Awarded New Jersey Principal’s and Superintendent’s Certificates 
*1978-            Present Teacher, Newark Public School, Newark, New Jersey
*1988 1991      Newark Public School Adult Education Clothing Instructor
*1993–2000     Newark Public Schools ASYDP Fashion Club Advisor
*1995 Pres.      Founder/CEO/Head Instructor, the LenGuire Institute of Fashions, Inc.
*1997 2001      Debate Coach, Vailsburg Middle School
*1998-2001      Women’s Basketball Coach, Vailsburg Middle School
*1998-1998      Seton Hall University Basketball Camp Coach
*2001–Pres.     Fashion Design and Clothing Construction Instructor, West Side High School
*2002–2003     Present West Side High Assistant Volleyball Coach
*2002-2003      News Paper Co-Advisor West Side High School
*2000-2003      Completed Fashion Design Curriculum for Newark Public Schools
*2003-2004      Plainfield Adult Education Instructor
*2003-2007      WSH Literary Magazine Advisor
*2003-2004      Newark Evening Adult Education Instructor
*2005-2006      Gibbs College Adjunct Professor
*2006- 2010     West Side High School Debate Coach
*2007             Author of the NPS Fashion Careers Curriculum
   *2010             Rutgers Entrepreneur Pioneers Initiative Graduate

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